Thursday, 31 January 2013

What makes the perfect Play Room???

I have been thinking about the best way to kit out Huddy's Play Room.  I like the idea of all his toys (well most of them) living in a Play Room that way when we put him to bed in his bedroom he will have less things to hop out of bed and play with.  I love the simplicity of this room and am obsessed with the wall unit but am unsure if I can convince J to built me something similar...
here's a similar built in book shelf:
I love how all the beautiful front cover book art is on display - to me it makes the books look far more enticing rather than just having them staked up spines out!

I have seen some people use Ikea Spice Racks to create something similar and we did this in our last house so I guess we could probably just do this again...

Either way I definitely want to have something along these lines in Huddy's Play Room.

In other news... whilst running my morning errands consisting of kindy drop off, bunnings, woolies etc etc I found an amazing old chair on the side of the road similar to this but in far less glamorous material... Anyone know any cheap chair re-upholsterers???

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Love this place... home inspiration post!

Perfect mix of pretty and girly with a touch of vintage and a dash of shabby chic!!!
all images sourced from

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekend Progress....

With all the crazy weather this weekend there was no much to do other than work on the house.  We got so much achieved including:
  • filling the hole left in the floor from the wall being removed (thanks Simon!)
  • Installing and fitting of the bathroom vanity
  • Installing and fitting of the Bath Tub, which has a small crack in the Bath Diverter so has to be replaced :-(
  • Hanging the mirror in the bathroom
  • Installing the kitchen sink
  • Putting together the Ikea kitchen cabinets
  • Putting together Hudson's big boy bed!
Here's some pics...

Before - This was a small wall removal between the kitchen and dining room.


During... we used 2nd hand boards from Coorparoo Demo Yard
Bathroom Vanity Installed

Bath Diverter installed but has to be replaced...

Dad fitting of the bath tub and Hudson helping

Hanging the mirror
Kitchen space before...

during... we will be using an Ikea carcass and then having our family friend make the cabinet doors

during... still a work in progress

Ikea kitchen sink and recollections tap ware

Ikea kitchen from Ikea website - will also add wall cabinets down the track
Hoping the kitchens end result will look similar to these amazing kitchens....

Hope everyone's house held up OK after all the wind and rain we had on the weekend - We had some small leaks from our old tin roof but other than that we can't complain!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Obsessed with all things Jonathan Adler...

the white floors... so pretty!

the monogram over the toilet so over the top but fabulous at the same time...

love, love, love the turquoise! 

recently purchased a "same same" version of these cushions for huddy's room...
About Adler: Adler's inspirations have come from Mid-century modern, art and global pop culture combine to create the signature Adler aesthetic. The company prides itself on its ability to combine a serious design philosophy with a colorful sense of optimism. The guiding motto, "If your heirs won't fight over it, we won't make it," reflects his commitment to craftsmanship and irreverent luxury.

Purchased an iconic Ikea Black and White striped rug this week at Ikea - Can't wait to use it have so many rooms it would match but am thinking it will work best in the dining room!  Here's some shots of the said rug in action...

Had a lovely Australia Day with friends finished with a Tom Kha Gai from the local Thai Restaurant - not your typical Australian Dinner but then again what is these days??? Happy Australia Day Everyone xxxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

As promised...

As promised here is a rough floor plan of Hudson's House - I have tried to include walls and areas yet to be established so you will have a good idea of the overall final layout.  Please Note - this is not to scale :-)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

So close the suspense is slowly killing us...

Last few weeks have been very busy with j and I heading back to work... I spent most of my spare time last week trying to sort out a marble counter and basin for the vanity I purchased from recollections on clearance! Grrrrr never doing that again! Anyhow after having the marble and basin priced at over $800 new I found something perfect on eBay and won it for $66 - only problem was it was in east maitland nsw! After much hassle managed to get it up here only to find out the marble broke in transit, lucky the basin was still salvageable so all was not lost. Anyhow $600 later we have it now in our hands on one piece and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Saturday Harry (our plumber) came to do all the plumbing work, the boys worked so hard on a very very hot day and managed to get so much done. I think j will be able to finish the last bits and we may actually be able to move in this weekend *fingers crossed*.

Last night dad brought home all the hardware of the door that he refurbished - he is so clever!!! he said he soaked them in acid paint thiner and then sandblasted or scrubbed the last bits of then painted them black or kept them brass and gave them a coat of clear to keep them that way. The last of the painting is being done as we speak and hopefully we can get a kitchen sink up and running by the weekend... Again *fingers crossed*

Harry and Jeff hard at work - Hudson looking on...

fittings from recollections...

said *pain in the bottom but ever so pretty* vanity

expensive marble top

new laundry sink

Dad's handy work

my new bath - so in love! please excuse the dusty dirty floors

a working toilet :-)

last of the two rooms to be painted

this will be a walk in robe/en suite and playroom