Monday, 18 February 2013

Week in photos...

Well we are in!!!

Can't believe it but tonight will be our 6th night sleeping in our house and even though we are still living in shambles we love it.

Aside from moving everything in we have managed to pull up the last of the remaining lino in the dining room, set up some wardrobes, install a hot water system, make some temporary bench tops and unpack about 40% of the boxes - not too bad of an effort. Oh and biggest news of all huddy is sleeping in his big boy bed - amazing! Kids are so adaptable it's incredible...

Still on the immediate to do list:
1. Assemble ikea wardrobes
2. Re paint floors in bathroom (prev used jet dry satin finish but have decided it marks to easy so want to try a coat of gloss)
3. Finish last piece of decking on front deck so we can swing the batwing doors
4. Finish the painting on the front deck
5. Finish the roof in the dining room
6. Finish the painting inside
7. Build a back fence and side gates
8. Finish kitchen
9. Decide on and buy an oven

Not so immediate future to do list:
1. Driveway
2. Front stairs
3. Front fence
4. Back deck
5. En suite
6. Landscaping
7. Remove external cladding and paint exterior
8. Replace roof

Here's some pics of the house so far...

Huddy's wardrobe #spolittoddler

Lounge/Hudson's Play Room

Front deck painted Black and White

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Trim around front door still to be stripped off - worse job in the world!

Front door with morning light

Love the natural light in this house

Hudson's Play Room


Huddy's Reading Chair in his bedroom

My new Bar - got this on Gumtree last week for $300 such a bargain!

Linen cupboard

3rd bedroom still a mess

same with the 4th...

Makeshift Kitchen

Dining Room floor after the last of the lino was removed - oh and around 1000 staples

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Proceed with Caution...

Pretty much LOVE everything in the new Ivy and Piper SHOPPABLE Look Book...

Friday, 8 February 2013

East Hampton Home...

Whilst on my never ending search of amazing kitchen I stumbled across this beautiful home.  I love the dark floors (making me re-think the white floor look), white walls and white, yellow and navy colour palate!  And the kitchen, it's just stunning!  Have a look I think you will agree...

Photo credits and Interior design:
Chango & Co.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Weekend Progress...

A bit late this week with this post - life has been crazy to say the least at the moment!  Here's what we have been up to...

Dad and Jeff finished of the huge hole in the living/dining room

close up pre architrave going on...
Boys also have been working on "arc-ing" the front door that was hacked to pieces from previous, lucky it was salvageable!
picked up some free timber stairs in very good condition from one of our neighbors mates...

...might get that butterfly staircase sooner than we thought :-)
went to ikea and here there and everywhere searching for these screws - so annoying can't get them anywhere so might have to have them made :-/
finally finished painting the front deck

and the front balustrade got installed...

we went with a "round dowel cricket pitch" look

close up pic
Jeff and Dad also built the wall for the playroom
and we managed to get this huge bookcase in - was very tricky - removing windows etc i will spare you the gory details!
...and finally set up ours and huddy's bed!
Looks like we are all ready to move in this weekend - fingers crossed!!!