Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Black and Spiro competition

Felt like cheering myself up this morning before my appointment to get two yucky moles cut out so visited Black and Spiro in New Farm and entered their #blackandspirofavourite competition... There were so many amazing things at the store I literally could have photographed everything but settled for this little bit of fabulousness. The comp is on til march 18 on Instagram in case you would like to enter as well.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Busy, Busy Busy...

We have been very busy pottering away in our new home the last two weeks, and I have been neglecting my posting duties - So I have a lot to catch up on.  As a picture tells a thousand words and again I am time poor,  I'll let them do the talking :-)

We decided to re-paint the floor in the bathroom as it was marking easy.  Initially we painted it in matte so we painted it in gloss "Jet Dry" which worked a treat.

Looks a million times better and stays clean longer too.

Started taping up the doors in the kitchen to paint them white...

There's like a million panes :-/

Begun work on the Walk in Wardrobe/En suite area

Drunk quite a few of these whilst putting together all the Ikea cabinets for the walk in wardrobe

what it looks like today - still not finished but we are getting there, still need to work out lighting, floors, more cabinetry and en suite...
Had fun trying to keep a 2year old entertained with all this rain

dressed up like Buzz Light year after watching Toy Story for  the 20th time

Finally gave in and let him play in the rain and mud - such a boy!
Managed to clean the floor in our room and pop this chair in the corner, also hung the vintage velvet curtains that my Mum had been trying to give me for about 6mths.  Turns out they are too short but there are 2 sets so we might be able to do something about that!

Tried to hang these lights but realized they don't come with a ceiling rose - so now trying to source two of them in chrome (not as easy as you would think to do)

this is what I am after in case anyone has seen one in their travels...

Got inspired by these pics on Instagram...

Have a very similar shelf that I'm going to paint yellow and pop in Huddy's room...

Also stumbled across another sea of blue an white china at Recollections/Early Settler - now just have to work out how to hide it all from J???

Finally managed to get a large version of the Black and White Ikea stripe rug in the As Is section - it's a bit ratty but was 40% off so couldn't resist...

Hope to get our back fence secured over next week or so and build a side gate so we can get the fur babies back from their long term vacay at Nanna and Poppy's - I'm sure Huddy will be most excited to have Lenny and Lulu back full time.