Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekend Progress...

The boys spend most of their free time this week cleaning out the house and disposing of all the rubbish around the place in preparation for the painting to begin.  Dad took a load to the dump that was over 800kg and then a load to the scrap metal place.  We also had our new Solar Panels installed and Travis got the window in on Sunday (see pics below).  Our weekend was even more crazier than the last so we didn't get much done again, but J did manage to get the new switchboard up and running on Saturday after work so that the solar panels can do their job and start making us some money :-) 

Here's some pics of what we have been up to:

Swimming up a storm - man it was hot on the weekend.  Thank goodness Nanny & Poppy have a pool!

opening Xmas presents - it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Enjoying Christmas Dinners...

Looking at Christmas Lights 

This one is at D'Arcy Rd Carina - The owner told me that this tree cost him $5K OMG

Hudson standing next to the new window in the kitchen - so BIG hey... absolutely LOVE it!

I have also been trying to decide between keeping the house all white with black trim or adding some grey into the mix... 

Love this house

really, really, really LOVE this

decisions, decisions....

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Weekend Progress...

Another weekend FULL of Pre-Xmas catch ups and Parties left little time to make some progress on the house - but we did manage to get a fair bit achieved in the time we had spare (about 5 hours on Sunday morning)... Here's some pics to show what we got up to:

Started the morning with this wall still cladded with aluminum cladding

The boys decided it was time to rip it off so Travis could install the window I bought last week

We were not sure what we would find but were pleasantly surprised - the weatherboard is in pretty good condition

Almost there....

Done! Looking better already!
Whilst Dad and J were working outside - Trav was inside moving things around to put the window in

At this point I started to freak out that the hole was going to be to big! We realised the you would be able to see the outside gutters through the window so we started to re-think our options.

This is the window I bought for the wall initially - it's 2.1m high x 1.8m wide

I remembered I had seen this window on Gumtree also last week and it is as wide but only 1.8 tall - so after much deliberation we have decided to get this window instead.

That will leave us with a more substantial distance from window to roof .  Here's the view we will have when doing the dishes - so pretty!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

DIY Mini Picket Fence Project

After we finished the battening in downstairs we noticed we had a few palings left over, not enough to on sell but enough to make something with.

Mum had been chasing a mini picket fence for weeks to surround the Christmas Tree but couldn't find anything nice enough so Dad suggested we make one.

The finished product is pretty spectacular - I am going to steal it for Huddy's 2nd birthday Cowboy & Indian Party too.  It is an effective Toddler barrier for Christmas presents under the tree too.
Hudson helping collect the wood that Poppy cut

cheeky face!

Painting the fence palings

Dad staggered the heights to make it looks more rustic.  He also made the hinges because he couldn't find any he liked.

finished product!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Weekend Progress...

Another jam packed weekend - here's what we got up to in photo's:

Friday Night we got all dressed up to head into the city and see the Christmas Tree being lit and Santa...
DJ's had no Santa on so we had to settle for Myers, which was amazing! They had a train and whole show happening was very impressive and put DJ's to shame really...

The actual lighting of the Xmas Tree was pretty much a bust! So so many people we ended up bi-passing it for a yummy dinner at Mos Burger.  No more fancy dinners with a 2yr old in tow...

After dinner I headed to Seed and shopped up a storm - they have the most beautiful shop fit out...

Look at that staircase! 
After we came home and put Huddy to bed we managed to foster the energy to stain the deck - this is before...

Here's the after pic!

Got up early and headed to the Black & Spiro Flea Market
with Cass & Lion - My partners in crime...

we saw the most amazing Polish Chandelier...
and this amazing blue couch...

I bought this at the sale - it's a Christmas Tree from Black & Spiro's window display last year.  I am going to use it as my Christmas Tree next year and also a teepee for Hudson's room in between.  Isn't it amazing - this is my beautiful sister Katie standing next to the tree.
Saturday arvo  Katie and I drove out to Whoop Whoop (her words not mine) to pick up my new linen cupboard for my bathroom - I recently bought it on eBay fully restored for $180 - Bargain!
Later that arvo J and I drove out to Whoop Whoop (in the other direction) to pic up these HUGE new kitchen windows $150 from Gumtree (another BARGAIN) - Dad's poor ute sure is clocking up some km's at the moment!

Whilst I was busy driving around town J was re-staining the deck and finishing off the floor in the kitchen - here's a pic:
almost finished - just one small piece to add at the end

he also cut out some more of the wall for the doors to go in.


Travis came early Sunday and with the help of some strong blokes managed to get our new French Doors up to the deck ready to be installed.  We had a Christmas Party to attend Sunday so were out most of the day but it was so lovely to come home and see them installed - Here's some pics:
The new doors installed - I can't wait to paint them white.

From another angle - we have now decided we really want to extend the back deck a few metres - when will it end LOL

Late Sunday arvo we drove to the coast to pick up 2 of these - Another eBay bargain I could not resist.  These will live in the lounge/dining just like in our old house!


J had an RDO and I a late start so we spent the morning painting - Happy to say the painting has been completed for the bottom half of the house - Thank Goodness! Now to tackle upstairs!
Hudson entertaining us with his dancing skills whilst we were painting - such a Happy Boy!