Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekend Progress...

The boys spend most of their free time this week cleaning out the house and disposing of all the rubbish around the place in preparation for the painting to begin.  Dad took a load to the dump that was over 800kg and then a load to the scrap metal place.  We also had our new Solar Panels installed and Travis got the window in on Sunday (see pics below).  Our weekend was even more crazier than the last so we didn't get much done again, but J did manage to get the new switchboard up and running on Saturday after work so that the solar panels can do their job and start making us some money :-) 

Here's some pics of what we have been up to:

Swimming up a storm - man it was hot on the weekend.  Thank goodness Nanny & Poppy have a pool!

opening Xmas presents - it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Enjoying Christmas Dinners...

Looking at Christmas Lights 

This one is at D'Arcy Rd Carina - The owner told me that this tree cost him $5K OMG

Hudson standing next to the new window in the kitchen - so BIG hey... absolutely LOVE it!

I have also been trying to decide between keeping the house all white with black trim or adding some grey into the mix... 

Love this house

really, really, really LOVE this

decisions, decisions....

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  1. The window looks fantastic, lovely green outlook too. We are going grey for Betsy but white also looks lovely on a house with interesting features like yours. Either way, it's a winner. mel x