Sunday, 27 October 2013

Kitchen progress...

Some weeks I think this kitchen will never be finished, and other weeks we make so much progress in such a short time that I can see a glimpse if the finish line in sight. This week we: 

Popped the handles (I bought a little while ago from mother of pearl and sons) on the island:
J managed to wire the power to the island so now the microwave lives in there and we have power points in situ:
(Photo bomb by Lenny ^)

J also cut a hole in the wall to recess the fridge freezer combo:
It has to have skirting board and architrave put around to finish it off but I love it already...
Mum also had a great idea to pop a flat screen above.

And we have been continuing to paint and work on the back of the house, j painted these doors (trying to decide which colour looks best - what do you think)

Hard to tell when roof still needs to go on deck and balustrade, walls etc still need painting...
Also about to order bi fold to go here:
^will take up all the windows seen here at back of house. To be honest I am in two minds about this as I don't want to take away such a beautiful feature, but the flow of the house will be incredible with a huge opening into the deck from living areas so I think we will take the plunge! 

Finally we have been slab shopping last week or so, hopefully will have more to report next week or so :-)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bargain alert!!!

This is happening tomorrow... If you need me ill be queuing up at your local aldi for 2 air conditioners. 

Wish me luck ;-)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Updates finally...

We have had some more progress since the last post....

Stairs are in and under coated...
Will eventually paint it like this... Once balustrade is installed
We also have installed the lattice batwing doors... So happy with the shadows they cast and find myself just staring at them multiple times a day

Jeff has been busy doing little bits here and there... He put up the ship bell that Hudson chose:
Villa maison nautical lights for the kitchen that I bought of a-m about a year ago...
Finishing of the dining room roof (thanks to trav) 
And finally undercoating those doors in the kitchen... Whose idea was it to get 8 pane doors??? 
In other news we also managed to choose a fridge and freezer combination... 
When we properly install them and use the fisher paykel joining kit it should look something like this 
I know this is kinda crazy to have two fridge freezers in your kitchen, but we had the room and I got a really great deal on the fridge freezers so the whole thing came in under $2400 which for 1050 litres of fridge freezer with water and ice is unheard of. The guy at the store couldn't believe it was going in a "brisbane home" his words "I just didn't think people in brisbane had fridge freezers this big" I said u haven't met my family! I think my mum has 5 fridge freezers at her place, closet hoarders ;-) 

Anyhow if anyone is after a fridge freezer I got the one with ice and water from masters - their RRP is $2400 but everyone sells them for around $1800.  Masters reduced them to $1150 the weekend before last as they new model came out (version 4 I think) so they were clearing out the 3's so I managed to get the floor stock one for $1000... Mum got one too. I got the left hand one and joining kit from Queensland appliances for $1350, they are quite helpful and just at Bowen hills so local. 

Finally as deck is done we are looking for deck roof inspiration everywhere we go, here's my latest obsession the roof at the st barts store on James st:

I will take it all, chandelier and amazing dining chairs included please :-)