Monday, 8 April 2013

Fences on the Brain...

Now that the back fence is well under way J has started talking about what to do with the front fence - it's so funny how he gets swept up in the renovating whirlwind.  We have always talked about having amazing gates for the front and splashing out on something similar to these:
And I want to use his electrical skills to the max by installing heaps of exterior feature lighting (something our last place lacked).  You can find similar gates at Woodworkers but they are pricey around $2K for 2 Driveway gates and 1 pedestrian gate.... So the search continues.

As for the overall style I am kinda obsessed with the fence that Fun & VJ's one of my fav blogs recently installed in their own property...

Decisions, Decisions....


  1. Yep, there are lots of bungalows near us with the Fun and Vj's style fence, they suit a variety of houses too. Love the idea of your gates, helps to have a handy hubby. Mine is mostly just good at the destruction more than the construction! mel x

    1. LOL J is pretty handy but the distinct lack of money mostly drives this force ;-)

      V excited to see your post about the reno's starting cannot wait to see it all unfold x

  2. It’s a great idea that you have shared about the different styles of gates. You can also install the gates in the fences covered with timber panels this will enhance the style of your gate or you can also build a wall with paving slabs of granite or concrete whichever you like more. The fences can be installed in horizontal manner also it will give the traditional look to you house.

  3. my garden finally feels "done" to me. Of course there will be work, but the big projects are all done. For now.privacy fence