Saturday, 13 April 2013

It's funny how things just work out...

8 or so months ago when we were re stumping our house, the excavator accidentally ripped up our gas line out the front if our house. I called the gas company asking them to turn the gas on, thinking they would then realise the pipe is broken and as they are responsible for the st to meter piping fix it. But, they didn't! They simply turned it on and walked away. Faced with the possibility of blowing up the house and possibly the street with a great grandparent who is constantly here and is on around 50 smokes a day, I rung them back and asked them to cut it off. Begrudgingly i told them that I had a hunch the pipe was broken, their reply: "until we had an oven or gas water system installed to use as evidence the gas wasn't getting through their hands were tied". Grrrr - annoying! So we figured we would just hang ten for a bit wait for the ground to settle (and not look newly excavated) and try again down the track. Fast forward to last week when we were approached by workmen explaining they are replacing all the lines in the area! As u can imagine we were ecstatic, we were dreading being made to pay for the new pipes and now it's being done for free! Brilliant, funny how things work out... Oh and another bonus huddy had a front row seat to the "bigger" (digger) action all week.


  1. Oh it's all good, free pipes and a free digger show! Doesn't get much better than that really. We paid to connect gas from the street in our last house and it cost $500 so that is a real saving (that was ten years ago so probably more now) mel x

    1. WOW scary hate to think how much we might have been up for!

  2. Sometimes red-tape actually works in your favour. Now your cooking with gas! xx

  3. Well that was... convenient. Good thing there was a scheduled pipe upgrade or that would’ve probably been a huge dent in your finances.

    Darryl @

  4. I think the company the excavator worked for would be the one that will get the fine, if ever. Regardless, it really is a good thing that there was a scheduled pipe replacement in your area. Saves you all the effort of having to worry about leakage from that broken pipe.

    Levi @ Capital Plumbing