Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's been a while... For like ever!

I have been very very slack in the blogging department of late - partly due to the lack of progress in the house and partly due to our incredibly busy schedules of late. Working full time and looking after a two year old (who seems to be picking up every bug going around atm) is tough and I have Jeff to help, can't imagine doing it alone!

Being so busy has left little time to tackle any big jobs so we have been pottering with some smaller things whilst still unpacking the last of the boxes. I have been also finding a few bargains around the place - it's fun to dress up all the white walls we have.

Here's some of my new treasures:

this print as seen in Anna Spiro's home

and here - probably one of the most blogged about prints of late
picked up these window hoods on gumtree... they are not original but that was a good thing as their condition was great and will be able to be easily re-painted.  We are thinking black :-)

this is what they looked like on the house we bought them from.

These were a belated house warming present from my Mum - Turn of the century separated leg dogs.  I am in LOVE!

Another thrifted bargain - 50cents

...And finally a vintage art deco mirror flower box
This week Jeff had the week off work (lucky sparky's and their RDO's!) - so he has been tackling the fencing issue.  We need to replace or repair the back fence and also install a side gate so that we can finally get our dogs back.  My poor parents not only had us for 8mths but also have had to look after our two poodle cross puppies.  So as they have over stayed their welcome, top on the priority fence this week is to secure the boundaries.  Here's some recent pics of the backyard:
Looking out from the laundry...

Hudson trying to escape out the backyard through the fallen down chain wire fence.
We are very lucky that we have some council land behind us and with the chain wire fence as it is it looks like the back yard goes for ages, so the first though was to re-install a chain wire fence.  However, I am concerned that this may look a bit rubbish next to the newly installed timber fence so I am torn.  Either way I am searching for a cute gate to install in the new back fence so that we can have a secret garden type look happening :-)

Here's some more pics of the backyard we finally decided on a timber fence so it's uniform but j is going to dress it up a bit.

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