Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Weekend Progress...

Another weekend FULL of Pre-Xmas catch ups and Parties left little time to make some progress on the house - but we did manage to get a fair bit achieved in the time we had spare (about 5 hours on Sunday morning)... Here's some pics to show what we got up to:

Started the morning with this wall still cladded with aluminum cladding

The boys decided it was time to rip it off so Travis could install the window I bought last week

We were not sure what we would find but were pleasantly surprised - the weatherboard is in pretty good condition

Almost there....

Done! Looking better already!
Whilst Dad and J were working outside - Trav was inside moving things around to put the window in

At this point I started to freak out that the hole was going to be to big! We realised the you would be able to see the outside gutters through the window so we started to re-think our options.

This is the window I bought for the wall initially - it's 2.1m high x 1.8m wide

I remembered I had seen this window on Gumtree also last week and it is as wide but only 1.8 tall - so after much deliberation we have decided to get this window instead.

That will leave us with a more substantial distance from window to roof .  Here's the view we will have when doing the dishes - so pretty!!!


  1. Blue and green should never be seen..... All those old colours make our "all white" colour schemes look boring. Nice leafy view you now have! xx

  2. A wonderful green view for washing up. Isn't gumtree wonderful- we are selling off old toys left right and centre and have also been stashing second hand windows. Those double hungs are lovely and will match beautifully with your french doors. mel x

  3. Thanks ladies - yes I am a bit of a gumtree addict ATM! Hopefully will have a pic of the window installed for you next week :-)

  4. Paint choices must have been limited back then,we have unearthed the same colours-in one room! Pretty view indeed.