Monday, 27 August 2012

Vanity Options

Having some issues trying to decide on the vanity for the bathroom and en-suite - so far I have narrowed it down to 4...

OPTION 1: I like this for the En-Suite because it would match the Carrara marble tiles - Can't use this in the Main Bathroom because it won't match the Claw Foot Bath I have already purchased.

OPTION 2: This would match the Main Bathroom or En-Suite but don't LOVE the marble top (funny colour almost all white).

OPTION 3: Love this and the price tag (only $150 BARGAIN) but not sure about it's lack of storage.

OPTION 4: Sorry for the dodgy catalogue pic - This is a really beautiful piece and I literally have the last one left in Australia coming in for me however the marble top and basin is missing so will have to have that all cut/fitted a lot of hassle.
Trying to create a French/Hamptons/Eclectic feel like these bathrooms:

Decisions, Decisions....

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