Tuesday, 4 September 2012


We have been very busy the last couple of weeks celebrating Birthdays, Father's Day and planning our overseas trip that is fast approaching.  It has been difficult to find the time to work on the house and keep the momentum going, but today Jeff managed to install some joists in the void that will soon be a complete deck once more! The previous owners cut a large hole in the deck to install internal stairs - we hope to restore the deck and front stairs to what they were originally - this includes an amazing and ridiculously expensive set of Butterfly stairs - Can't wait :-)

Here's some pics from the last week...

My beloved Nanny at her 80th Birthday Party & her new car 

Hudson and J on Fathers Day 

Gotta LOVE open mouth kisses :-/

2 of the cutest boys in Brisbane!!!
Birthday Girl and me...

J's handy work - new joists

The deck itself should be going on this weekend

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