Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Still a little jet lagged from our crazy whirlwind holiday that I swear I need a holiday to recover from :-/ but we are all very happy to be home sweet home!!! While we were away Dad took the reins and stepped up at site foreman, he got a lot accomplished including emptying out the beer fridge! Aaron and Dad managed to fix the concrete around the footings that was a little damaged from the removal of the brick walls and installation of the stumps.  As well as this they managed to coordinate a blocky, excavator and bob cat to block in the retaining walls around the slab and remove the last of the concrete from the back yard (another 3 HUGE skips full).  Now we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel - to downstairs anyhow!

Here's some pics:

Jeff and the boys hard at work

Some of the new block work...

Oh and no more front fence :-)

Hoping to create a look similar to this under the front verandah - want to tile the landing in black and white tiles just like this:

so amazing!!!

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