Monday, 13 May 2013

House progress update...

Between huddy having a cold, my school fete and Mother's Day we haven't completed many house Reno duties in the last week. I have however found time to do a little shopping so thought I would share some of my bargains...

1. Our new hallway nook with our new bench chair "borrowed" from mum and dads arsenal of antique wares.

2. Close up pic of hallway with new Lovestar queen of hearts vase, old looking lock sourced from trade fair, antique blue and white plate and other treasures I have been collecting for years.

3. Another angle

4. My new jasmine trellised pots next to the gate on our back fence. Pots from masters ($30 I think) and jasmine from ikea $20 - bargain they are around 90cm high and already trellised for you!

5. My stash from the brown trading company sale, all stock was about 80% off. Pretty sure they have some things left - their store us at Salisbury for all the locals.

6. My new orchid again from ikea - $25 another bargain and brightens up my bathroom nicely.

Next on the to do list??? We can't decide, front fence, driveway, fireplace in lounge room, side fence, herb garden fence??? Decisions, decisions...

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  1. Lovely little corners, looks so lived in already. Your love heart vase is adorable.