Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What I am currently obsessing over...

Veranda House new beach house project - kitchen is exactly what I want for our house...

Fireplaces... more on that later

My new coffee table from Town and Country (they are having a BIG sale atm)

My new cabinet also from Town and Country

This colour scheme - perfection!

Hudson's "H" jumper

Literally EVERYTHING in this pic - taken at Magnolia Interiors store on James St

Hudson's new cluster wall...

This vintage pendant for the front veranda - Amazing!
As mentioned above I am currently obsessing over Fireplaces.  We have a internal wall in our lounge room that I bought a mantle for a few months ago.  We had planned to pop a mirror in it once installed but as winter approaches and the house gets cooler by the day we have been toying with the idea of installing an electric or gas fireplace.  There are pro's and con's for each; Pros for electric is price (around $800 from recollections) and requires little to no work for installation - cons it expels a dry heat and doesn't look that great:
Recollections Fireplace
Gas fireplace... pro's looks more realistic expels a much greater more pleasant heat, con's will be time consuming to install and costs twice as much (at least).  We would likely get a style similar to below so that Huddy can't get to it - open flames freak me out!

I would love to hear anyone's reviews of either style- i think at the moment we are leaning towards gas but I will likely obsess a little more before making my final decision...

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