Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Another productive weekend...

Next job on the never ending "To Do" List is battening in underneath the house. 

Like this:

Long Battens around the sides as seen above

And fringe batten around the front (underneath the deck) as seen above in this pretty house
So Dad made up 180 steel brackets (because the quote he got to have the steel fabricators do this was "ridiculous") his words - not mine :-p and on Sunday he set about welding them onto all the posts... Here's some pics including one of him in his welding gear - pretty funny!!!
Dad welding the steel brackets to the posts...

If you look carefully you can see the posts with the brackets attached...

Dad in his welding "get up" :-D
Whilst they were doing this I was no more gaping. Gaping is a tedious job that involves running and squeezing a tube of no more gaps down a VJ (with  the help of a gap gun) to fill any holes that have developed between the VJ's over the years.  This is a HUGE job as the house has not been painted (or gaped) for at least 40 years and even the ceilings are covered in VJ's, but a job that needs to be done none the less.  I have given myself a deadline of Dec 1 to have it completed - Wish me luck :-/

VJ Walls - The white stuff in between each gap is the "No More Gaps" stuff.
 So this weekend J aims to make a start - and a huge dent in the battening and I... will be gapping!!! :-D

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