Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gapping, Gapping and more Gapping....

We have been very busy gapping the house over the last few weeks, 3 rooms down - 7 to go... hopefully we can start painting by the the first week of December! Jeff has also been busy working on the back deck which he has almost re-done:
old deck coming off...

old deck...
We have also been busy pricing up timber to begin the battening in process - Jeff has also bought a new nail gun which he is very excited about (what's with boys and tools???).  The boys have been hassling me to choose a colour for the battening - they claim they need to know this now as the rails have to be painted before the battening can go on... so I am thinking white like this:
I am also still trying to decide what batwing doors to go with for the front of the house - here are some of the designs I have been looking at:

my overall favourite...
decisions, decisions....

Also trying to get a concise idea of what the kitchen layout will be as I have finally settled on having the middle room as the kitchen... and have spotted a large 2m x 1m marble slab that I LOVE for the island.  Here's the latest "look" please don't hold me to it I am sure I will change my mind again by next week ;-)

I am still holding out hope we can fit a walk in pantry into the space - If so I would arrange it just like this:
minus the cat ;-)


  1. Sounds like it is progress central at your place. We have that lattice door that you like so much on our back deck. And I don't think you can go wrong with white for your battening. xx

  2. Thanks for commenting - you are the very first person to comment on my blog :-) We ended up getting the door yesterday from Colonial Warehouse at Moorooka - they have some bargains atm if you are interested! PS: Love your blog!!!