Thursday, 24 January 2013

As promised...

As promised here is a rough floor plan of Hudson's House - I have tried to include walls and areas yet to be established so you will have a good idea of the overall final layout.  Please Note - this is not to scale :-)


  1. Great to see what you have going on inside your house. Those side sleep outs are fantastic for ensuites aren't they? And the playroom is a great use too off your lounge room. When we renovate we will have a tv room and a lounge room both off different aspects of the kitchen and I cannot wait for my kids to stop taking over my lounge room with cubbies and projects! Do you think you will enlarge your back deck? It would be fantastic with some doors from your dining room out onto that area if you made it bigger. mel x

  2. Hey Mel yes extending the back deck is part of our grand master plan... Can't wait :-) your house sounds huge cant wait to see it all come together!!! Xxx