Tuesday, 8 January 2013

First post from my mobile...

We are still finishing of the last of the gaping and painting at the moment and j is busy hanging chandeliers and then re-hanging them as I change my mind (he is such a patient man)... Can't wait to share some pics of the finished product but these will do for now...


  1. Oh your leadlight front door is just so so beautiful. I think I might have made a little squeal upon seeing that pic of your entry hall. It is all looking wonderful. Cannot wait to see all the inside bits coming together. Just found out our certifier is shut until the end of the month! Bummer. Hope your boy had a lovely day for his birthday. mel x

  2. I've just found your blog...Wahoo, i love it!! I'm an "old house person" and I'm glued to what you are doing. I live in Brisssie in a 1912 colonial. My previous home was a 1925 Californian Bungalow.....so this stuff is my stuff ...if that makes sense.
    Your front door is beautiful!! Love the leadlight & the side panels.
    May I ask how you came to seeing this as a "1930"s" house?
    Are you on instagram? It will be your next best thing on your new phone!!!! truly!

  3. Hey Mel, that's a pain about the certified being shut I too am waiting for my stair guy and window guy to re-open so I feel your pain!

  4. Hi and welcome Wendy - so glad u like the blog :-) we are not 100% sure on the age of the property but know that the house next door (my parents) was built in the early 1930's well that's when the drainage plan was dated... We really want to get into the city and do leone digging to see what we can find about the history of our houses, just hard to find a spare day to do so.

  5. So jealous of your bungalow - I heart them so so much!

  6. Oh and yes I am on Instagram I'm listed as hudsoninwonderland :-)