Tuesday, 22 January 2013

So close the suspense is slowly killing us...

Last few weeks have been very busy with j and I heading back to work... I spent most of my spare time last week trying to sort out a marble counter and basin for the vanity I purchased from recollections on clearance! Grrrrr never doing that again! Anyhow after having the marble and basin priced at over $800 new I found something perfect on eBay and won it for $66 - only problem was it was in east maitland nsw! After much hassle managed to get it up here only to find out the marble broke in transit, lucky the basin was still salvageable so all was not lost. Anyhow $600 later we have it now in our hands on one piece and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Saturday Harry (our plumber) came to do all the plumbing work, the boys worked so hard on a very very hot day and managed to get so much done. I think j will be able to finish the last bits and we may actually be able to move in this weekend *fingers crossed*.

Last night dad brought home all the hardware of the door that he refurbished - he is so clever!!! he said he soaked them in acid paint thiner and then sandblasted or scrubbed the last bits of then painted them black or kept them brass and gave them a coat of clear to keep them that way. The last of the painting is being done as we speak and hopefully we can get a kitchen sink up and running by the weekend... Again *fingers crossed*

Harry and Jeff hard at work - Hudson looking on...

fittings from recollections...

said *pain in the bottom but ever so pretty* vanity

expensive marble top

new laundry sink

Dad's handy work

my new bath - so in love! please excuse the dusty dirty floors

a working toilet :-)

last of the two rooms to be painted

this will be a walk in robe/en suite and playroom

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  1. Love your vanity, the shape is so cute. And your dad is a total legend with all that door hardware looking so fantastic. Bathroom overall is looking great, can't wait to see what you do with your kitchen. mel x