Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekend Progress....

With all the crazy weather this weekend there was no much to do other than work on the house.  We got so much achieved including:
  • filling the hole left in the floor from the wall being removed (thanks Simon!)
  • Installing and fitting of the bathroom vanity
  • Installing and fitting of the Bath Tub, which has a small crack in the Bath Diverter so has to be replaced :-(
  • Hanging the mirror in the bathroom
  • Installing the kitchen sink
  • Putting together the Ikea kitchen cabinets
  • Putting together Hudson's big boy bed!
Here's some pics...

Before - This was a small wall removal between the kitchen and dining room.


During... we used 2nd hand boards from Coorparoo Demo Yard
Bathroom Vanity Installed

Bath Diverter installed but has to be replaced...

Dad fitting of the bath tub and Hudson helping

Hanging the mirror
Kitchen space before...

during... we will be using an Ikea carcass and then having our family friend make the cabinet doors

during... still a work in progress

Ikea kitchen sink and recollections tap ware

Ikea kitchen from Ikea website - will also add wall cabinets down the track
Hoping the kitchens end result will look similar to these amazing kitchens....

Hope everyone's house held up OK after all the wind and rain we had on the weekend - We had some small leaks from our old tin roof but other than that we can't complain!


  1. Good to hear you got through the weekend ok. Betsy is fine but we only got power back on this afternoon. Cannot wait to see your kitchen, the inspiration pics are lovely. Mine will be similar with white vj's, marble benches, open shelving etc in a slightly contemporary style. I bought the three green pendant lights to hang over the island about 9 months ago, cannot wait to see them in. mel x

  2. Where is that beautiful basin from?

  3. Hey Mel thats great news you guys and Betsy are OK after the crazy weather on the weekend! Can't wait to see your kitchen too - when do you think it will be ready?

    Robbie we bought the cabinet from recollections they have sold out of this model but they have another really nice one on special at the moment for $500 - has a marble top and comes with tap fittings :-)

    1. Builder is hopefully starting for us early April, still seems soooooo far away when our kitchen and deck are falling apart around us. But it is actually only about 8 weeks, yippee. The build is projected to take around 4 months. mel x

  4. Thanks - love your blog, v. inspiring. All the best blogs seem to be from Brisbane, don't they?