Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Easy VJ not so easy...

On Sunday Trav came over to help put up the new steel beam for the lounge dining opening and also install the new "easy vj" roof in the dining room. If you remember from months ago when we stripped the fibro of the dinning room we discovered that they had used the vjs to brace the new lower fibro ceiling - so annoying!!! The easy VJ was not to easy to install - we purchased 5m long sheets that were 1.6m wide and boy were they heavy and awkward! Boys got there in the end, Cassandra and I were not much help so we took the babies next door to mum and dads pool - I'm sure they were secretly cursing our names as we swam! Here's some pics of the fun and games - in retrospect we should have called for reinforcements but as I said we got there in the end!!! ***please note I use the term "we" loosely - really translates to Jeff, trav and dad***


  1. Oh dear. That's hard work. When the boys put the ceiling on our deck we hired a sheet lifter because there was only two of them. And that was still hard work. Your ceiling will be amazing when it is finished. xx

  2. Can totally sympathise, we've only ever used 3.3m lengths, and that was hard enoungh. Hope they used LOTS of nails, should be excellent added insulation. Looks amazing already.

  3. yes lots of nails were used and hopefully the insulation helps been so hot lately thank goodness we are up high enough to catch the breezes- thanks ladies xxx