Friday, 30 November 2012

A sea of Blue & White China...

Not sure if anyone is as much of a fan of Blue and White China as me (I LOVE it) but thought I should share this just in case... Yesterday I stumbled across a sea of Blue & White China just around the corner from my work at Sunnybank.  I have been stalking similar pieces on eBay and in blogs for months and it is very expensive! Here's some pics of what he is selling:

Everything was very very cheap - he only accepts cash and I advise strongly that you haggle with him to get the best price.  Here's some pics of amazing Blue & White China in action from my favourite Pinterest Verandah House:

 His store is literally in his front yard and the location is the corner of Mains and Newber Street Sunnybank... Run don't walk people - it won't last for long!!!
Find the sea of Blue & White China here...

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