Friday, 23 November 2012

I feel like a Duck!!!

Ever heard the expression "Be like a Duck, float calmly on the surface but paddle furiously underneath the water"??? That's how I feel this week.

We are having a meeting with our kitchen extraordinaire builder Alan sometime this weekend or early next week and he informed me that I need to have my oven, cooktop, dishwasher, rangehood etc etc etc all chosen before we can do anything - OMG why did I not think of this???

So I have been researching like a crazy person the best oven that will give me the most bang for our buck around the $2700 range (this must include oven, cooktop and rangehood).  I know that I want a stand alone oven like this:
sourced from For the Beach via Verandah House

I really like the sound of an ILVE and can't seem to find a bad reveiw on them - but they are pricey!

I would have to find a floor stock model to get in on that budget.  I also have found very good prices for a Baumatic like this one:
Bargain Price here...
 ... but have read bad reveiws for this model.  Finally I spoke to the salesman at Harvey Norman who raved about this SMEG package Harvey Norman SMEG Package but this is considerably still well above my budget - even after I haggled my butt off!

Arghhhhhhh so confused - the only other option is to purchase the cheapest 90cm stand alone I can find have the kitchen built arount this and upgrade it at a later stage - but I hate the thought of spending money only to have to spend more later... At the moment with the overall cash flow fast depleting and still no kitchen or bathroom installed I guess beggers can't be choosers!!!


  1. I think I have been a duck for so long I am practically growing a bill! We are getting a smeg as it is the only one I like with 6 burners. It also has one of the largest widest oven capacities. Definitely shop around, good guys stock the smeg for just under $3K and Bretts at Windsor I think verbally quoted around your budget but that was not including the rangehood. Although you might pick up a cheap one of those - $300 and upgrade it later? (cheaper than an oven upgrade). My hubby does not like the knobs on the smeg and wants me to consider the new 6 burner westinghouse that has just been released- may be slightly cheaper but no one has it in stock yet to look at and I am not sure about them as a brand. Heard mixed things about the Ilve at every shop- totally confused but I prefer the look of the smeg. Best of luck, hope this helps. mel x

  2. Try Grays online. I've got some fabulous bargains for clients in the past. They often have smeg kitchen appliances at great prices. The other thought is to survive without a rangehood for a while. I have a smeg 90cm (which I love) and 2 years later have not got around to installing my rangehood. It is a little more work cleaning open shelves and the splashback behind the stove but is something I've been able to live without. Good Luck!

  3. We have had our Smeg for 2 years (and are also yet to connect our rangehood) and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I know budgets are really tight in renovations, but appliances are so important, I'd say get the best you can, even if it means scrimping somewhere else, or forgoing a rangehood for a little while. Between my husband and I, we probably comment once a week on how much we love our oven, and thoroughly enjoy using it all the time.

  4. Thanks heaps for taking the time to comment - I think you have all sold me on the SMEG... just out of curiosity which SMEG model do you ladies own???

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