Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The fringe battens are up... and I love them!

After a lot and I mean A LOT of indecisive discussions about the shape of the fringe battens (which conversations often ended with Dad and J saying "we don't care just remember variations will cost you more beer") I finally decided on the shape.  I love the look of curved fringe battens but worried the look was too "pretty" for our house, with seems more bold and angular than most cottage Queenslanders. Thus I finally decided on a more angular look and couldn't be happier - a collective "phew" was heard throughout the street!  Here's a pic of what I'm talking about:

The boys worked most of the weekend again finishing off this side of the house...

This weekend they are under strict instructions to down tools at lunchtime as we are off to the temple for the Loi Krathong Festival - Can't Wait!!!

Today I went to the Lily G relocation sale and picked up some bargains and Christmas presents - is it wrong to buy my own Christmas present from J and Huddy? J loved the idea - he struggles every year!

Picked up this for a special someone... isn't it amazing! 
These to die for Staffordshire Dog statues (in Blue) - the Christmas Gift for me from Huddy and J (I have been wanting them for literally years)
Also I have been taking every opportunity possible to take detours to examine peoples houses, fences, colour palates, landscaping choices etc etc etc... I don't think I will ever tire of looking at Old Queenslander homes they are a thing of beauty! This one (in my old stomping ground of Greenslopes) has been a long time favourite... 

I hate to think what a fence like that would cost - I can only but dream to have one half as nice i day...

Finally been thinking a lot about the White Floor boards this week and Dad (not a fan at all) suggested not painting them white everywhere - he said we could look at doing something different in the kitchen or even some of the bedrooms? I am not 100% convinced as was looking for a more uniform look throughout the entire space but it's worth considering... he really is very clever with all this renovating stuff! Here's some pics of white floors - truly breathtaking!

I know this last one is not really a "white floor shot" but I couldn't resist - I just love everything about it...


  1. Hi, just found your blog recently via Fun and Vj's. Loving your gorgeous house and also the super fast progress you are making with your reno. We have a california bungalow and have finally got plans finished and are getting builders quotes this week, hoping to start in the new year. We are doing a new kitchen, new deck and integrating a granny flat. Looking forward to see your house shine, just getting rid of all those nasty brick arches is a major improvement! mel x

  2. Oh WOW thanks for all the nice comments! I have been a long time fan of your blog and can't believe it wasn't in my blog roll... just fixed that ;-) I can't wait to see how your reno's go and am also very interested to hear more updates about the research into the age of your house - i too would like to do the same and research the origins of ours so might get some advise for when i find a free arvo to head into the city myself... good luck with the reno's it is a lot of fun i am sure you will have a ball xxx

  3. Hi Amanda - just stumbled across your blog. Great to see another Queenslander Reno blog to add to my reading list. We should be starting the renovation to our little worker's cottage in the new year. I hope you don't mind if I come along for the ride with you in the meantime. xx

  4. HI Caroline - Thanks for saying Hi! I love your blog and have been following it for a while - I am so excited for your reno's and can't wait to see it all come together. Hope your little man is feeling better! I read your post in detail and then back to my Mum (who is an asthmatic) it must have been so scary rushing him to the hospital like that - thank goodness you are so close to the hospital at least! Anyhow glad to have you along for the ride it's been good fun and wouldn't change it for anything - I am sure you will feel the same :-)

  5. Great blog.
    I once read an article about Diane Keaton whose entire New York loft apartment was white - walls, woodwork, floors - and most of the furnishing - beautiful. absolutely lovely. Be brave, go for it, and have what you want.