Monday, 5 November 2012

The battening in has begun...

Over the weekend we begun the battening in process.  I call it a process because there are SO MANY steps involved - kinda goes like this:
  1. Make Brackets
  2. Weld brackets
  3. Paint post and brackets in no more rust paint 
  4. Paint Posts
  5. Buy Rails
  6. Measure and Cut Rails
  7. Paint Rails
  8. Screw Rails to brackets
  9. Buy Pailings/Battens - lots and lots (maybe 500+)
  10. Measure and cut pailing/battens
  11. Paint pailings/battens
  12. Nail Battens on to rails  
Rails on...

Hudson waving to Nanna next door...

Almost finished product...

Front of the house - as it looks today! We are doing fringe battens around the front and a chamfer board wall under the deck - can't wait to see it all come together!

"Grown up with a paint brush in his hand" as my Mum would say :-)


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