Friday, 2 November 2012

More mid week madness....

Yesterday we picked up our new French Doors for the Kitchen - So in LOVE!!!

Here's a pic:

They will go here:
Taking up most of the wall at the top of the stairs ^
Hoping to use them to re-create something like this...

Amazing... Right??? I even have similar lights I got from Cape Cod Designs
After all the excitement of picking up the doors J decided he would open up the space for the kitchen (used to be 3 rooms a kitchen, bathroom and walk in pantry) so off he went with his trusty crow bar and new saw! I was being useful as well in this time painting all the posts downstairs with some kind of silver paint to stop them rusting??? I painted 6 - which doesn't sound like much but was quite a good effort seeing i was also watching/supervising Hudson at the time.

Here's some before/afters of our new kitchen area:
Blue Room to the right was the walk in pantry and green/wooden looking walled room to the left was the old bathroom


After! Yes that is a hole in the floor (not J's fault LOL - wood rot from a leaky bathroom)

Looking from the other direction.

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