Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What a busy weekend!!!

Here's how our weekend looked (in pictures)....
Friday afternoon Dad and J cut some block work away in preparation to re-install the door into the laundry

Saturday morning Dad installed the steel stumps (he made - so clever!)

Hudson helped Poppy...

... while I painted the remaining battens - then they got rained on and ruined :-(
When the rained cleared I started painting our new Chamfer Board wall

this is the wall going up (framed)

Hudson - always working....

... finished product (minus paint)

Whilst I was busy Dad started installing the new gate (he also made)...
SUNDAY: got up early to do some more painting...

then headed to the Temple...

Pretty Girls...

Hudson and his "Ya"

then headed home to prepare the roast and wait for everyone to arrive to put up the Christmas Tree - yes we know it's not Dec 1 yet but Nanna could not wait any longer (neither could Hudson)

Everyone was very "Merry"
Jeff also managed to finish off the Fringe Battens and 99% of the side battens...

Phew - need a weekend to get over our weekend!!!


  1. Wow, you have been busy. Love seeing this super fast progress. Is the downstairs door your front door or are you having stairs going up at the front? Your little boy looks gorgeous being a big helper, mine was obsessed with building site stuff and had his own toy drill and chainsaw. mel x

  2. Hi Mel - Yes we have been busy, we are currently living next door (at my parents) whilst renovating so we are nice and close to work as much as possible. We plan on putting butterfly stairs down the front of the house and using the top door as the front door and the bottom one just for show. One day when we have more money we may build in underneath but it is a very big space upstairs (about 4 bedrooms plus large living) so hopefully we will be set for a while :-) Hudson is literally obsessed with going next door and we joke and say to him - are you ready to go to work? he runs to the door and tries to put is shoes on - such a cute age! How old is your boy?

  3. What amazing progress you are making. The battening you have done looks great. Hudson makes a great foreman.

  4. My boy is now 6 and has sadly moved passed his love of the combine harvester, sniff, sniff. Now he is into fish, birds and rainbows but does retain a deep love for building site lego! mel x ps the stairs sound wonderful, what a grand entrance to a beautiful old girl.