Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Weekend Progress...

As most of the work downstairs has been done and the bottom half of the house is finally secure - we are starting to focus our attention upstairs. As I have mentioned before the cash flow is starting to run thin so we are trying to get the kitchen and bathroom done first as they are obviously a priority.  The first thing we had to address upstairs was the rotting floor boards, this was caused from a leaky bathroom.  We priced up some timber floor boards, purchased them and set about ripping the damaged ones up.  Floor boards are quite expensive all up about $600 for the ones we needed.  Initially we thought it would be OK to just replace the area that was damaged but as the original boards had shrunk over the years it turned out that it was best to replace whole lengths instead.

Initial cuts to replace damaged areas

New Floor boards in - Thanks Travis!!!
 Another reason we were keen to replace the boards was that this needed to be done so we could get the beautiful French Doors in that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. - Here's where they will go - Please note only half the hole has been cut so far...
View from inside to out - so pretty!   

the french doors

 Dad spent most of Saturday morning battening the final palings onto the gate he made - Looks great!
Gate before

gate after
 Also during the week Dad also resurrected the lattice door that I was so keen to keep and re-use - its just so cute! He said it literally fell apart when he tried to sand it so he had to do some surgery on it including replacing the bottom panel with VJ sheeting, but it's come up a million dollars and finishes the space off really well.

... After!

Finally the boys decided to spend Sunday arvo concreting and finishing off the last little bits downstairs - it amazes me everyday how willing they are to have a go and tackle jobs.

mixing up the concrete

finished product - they also formed up and concreted the block on the left after a besser black broke on them - again so clever!!!
Next weekend we hope to get the floor finished and the french doors in - with the help of Travis!  Wish us Luck!!!


  1. Those french doors will look fantastic in and painted white I presume? you can try and sell any old boards that were not damaged, the demolition yards are always looking. mel x

  2. It's looking fantastic! Such a big change from 'before'.

  3. Hey Mel - yes def painted white, my Dad jokes and says "everything must be painted white" I may be a little obsessed! and thanks Edwina we are definetly getting there just hard with a toddler and both of us working full time but i guess we will get there in the end. Edwina I love you blog - will add to my blog roll now!